If a picture paints a thousand words, video paints 25 thousand words per minute. Video can be an exceptionally powerful tool in PR and marketing, conveying a message with infinitely more impact and personality than text. LEWIS produces video interviews, voxpops, viral videos and animations. We also provide video journalism services to cover client events and announcements.

Corporate video

• Video clips used within a wider video project
• Shots include offices, products, employees, etc
• Shot on location or equipment brought to LEWIS
• Interview with a company spokesperson
• Head and shoulders shot (talking head)
• One or two camera angles
• Filmed in an office or on a plain background
• Recommended duration is 2-5 minutes

Event Filming

• Video filming of key seminars and speeches
• Voxpop interviews with event attendees
• Video interviews with key spokespeople
• Montage of highlights from the event

Motion Graphics

• Animation of a product or company
• Kinetic typography animated with spoken words
• Mimics the company barnd
• Recommended duration is 1-2 minutes

Brand / Products overview

• Uses multiple other video elements
• Interviews/voxpops
• B-roll of office, products, services etc
• Titles and animations
• Recommended duration 3-5mins

Coverage Video

• Montage of press and online coverage
• Text messages included to provide a narrative
• Branding included in logos and background
• Recommended duration is 2-3 minutes